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Super Radiance Solar Garden Lights

Super Radiance Solar Garden Lights

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Introducing the Super Radiance Solar Garden Lights – Enhance Your Outdoor Ambiance!

Transform your outdoor areas with the brilliance of our Super Radiance Solar Garden Lights. These modern and practical solar-powered lanterns add a touch of magic to gardens, balconies, stairs, and beyond.

Noteworthy Features:

Lighting Options: Select warm, white, or warm+color light to create the ideal atmosphere.

Sturdy Construction: Crafted with enduring ABS and acrylic materials for sustained beauty and functionality.

Efficient Solar Panel: Fueled by a 3V 120mA solar panel, ensuring reliable energy conversion.

Extended Operation: Revel in 6-8 hours of illumination on a full charge thanks to the 1.2V 800mAh battery.

Smart Modes: Equipped with an intelligent light control sensor and user-friendly switch.

Potent Illumination: A single 3030 SMD lamp bead provides bright and extensive coverage.

Weatherproof Design: Engineered to endure diverse weather conditions for year-round utility.

Straightforward Charging: Charge for 6-8 hours in sunlight for a night filled with radiance (remember to switch them on).

Swift Installation: Ideal for gardens, courtyards, garages, balconies, and more.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the Super Radiance Solar Garden Lights. Let the sun effortlessly illuminate your nights with beauty.

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