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Raaweton Small Solar LED Outdoor Light

Raaweton Small Solar LED Outdoor Light

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Introducing the Raaweton Small Solar LED Outdoor Light, a reliable and stylish solution for emergency lighting.

Elevate your outdoors with this contemporary wall lamp, combining function and beauty. Features a 1-year warranty, operates at 5.5V energy, and is specifically designed for emergency situations. Proudly made in Mainland China with a durable IP65 protection level. Powered by the sun for eco-friendly and cost-effective energy consumption. Embrace modern design with the MYA0006-Small, perfect for any outdoor setting. Bright and long-lasting LED lighting, with no dimming feature for simplicity. Bulbs not included for customizable brightness. Versatile functions and a brushed nickel finish elevate your outdoor decor. Durably crafted with polycarbonate and ABS materials and certified to meet international standards.

Trust in the reputable Raaweton brand for quality and innovation. The B15 base type allows for easy and secure installation.

Illuminate your outdoors confidently with the Raaweton Small Solar LED Outdoor Light.


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