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Solar Homely

LED Therapy Lamp with Bionic Solar Panel

LED Therapy Lamp with Bionic Solar Panel

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Introducing the LED Therapy Lamp with Bionic Solar Panel. 

Features:【10K Lux】This LED sun simulating lamp brings the sunny vibes (while keeping your peepers safe) with its full spectrum, UV-free lighting. With 10,000 lux, it fights winter blues, sleep cycle disruptions, tiredness, and shift work woes.【USB Powered & Compact】Juiced by Type-C cable, it works with your computer or power bank. Its compact (16 x 14 x 1cm) and folding stand design lets you take it on the go or stow it easily on your desk, kitchen counter, or beside your laptop.【Tap Control & Stepless Dimming】Like hitting the mood booster jackpot - a gentle tap switches between 3 light temperatures (warm white/natural light/white light) and a brightness range (2000-10000lux). Hold down the button to continuously adjust temp. and brightness for personalized bliss.【Timer & Memory】
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