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Solar Homely

1000W Flexible Solar Panel 12V- 18V

1000W Flexible Solar Panel 12V- 18V

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 Elevate your energy game with our Flexible Solar Panel – a durable and eco-friendly power source designed for convenience and reliability.

Features: Polysilicon Craftsmanship: Crafted from the finest polysilicon, our Flexible Solar Panel is robust and elegant. Premium materials guarantee long-term performance and a high conversion rate, making it a guilt-free choice.

Dual-Output Solar Panels: Equipped with dual-output solar panels and a USB interface, this panel meets all your power needs.

The USB port is compatible with multiple devices, ensuring maximum flexibility and usability. Eco-Friendly Energy: Harness eco-friendly and emission-free energy with our Flexible Solar Panel.

It efficiently converts solar radiation into electricity, helping you make the greenest of energy choices.

Multi-Functional: This solar panel is incredibly versatile and finds applications in various scenarios, including cars, small home appliances, etc. Its high adaptability meets all your on-the-go and domestic


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